Chat Factory is an Online CHAT Extension (Ajax driven) for Joomla allowing users to chat REGARDLESS of the page they are on. The chat window  accompanies them on every page they are browsing, and they can stay in touch with each other.


You can enable advertisements (as seen on this demo) in the chat extension and gain advert revenues using this extension.

There are two types of advertisements (the one in the chat application - at the bottom) or as "popup" messages from time to time (you can wait for one on this demo)

You can test Chat Factory by clicking the menu on the left, and check out the administrative backend by clicking on the menu on top.

There are great usages for our chat extension, naming a few:

  • Online Support for your customers
  • Online Chat in community Pages
  • Chat extension for Dating sites
  • Chatting in Online Workshops
  • Chat on your blogpage with your followers
  • Chatting addition for a forum site
  • etc...

Chat Factory Features:

  • Looks and feels like most desktop Chat programs (Yahoo Messenger, Msn, etc.)
  • Online and Offline messages (users receive the message when they log in the next time)
  • Message History (frontend and backend for admin usage)
  • Allows File transfers between users
  • Customizable Emoticons
  • Avatar management
  • Community Builder integration
  • Chat application is available on every page of your website without having to enable a special module
  • Changeable User status
  • Possibility of staying invisible
  • Friends list and Blocked users list
  • Guests can Chat with registered users (option to set it off)
  • Possibility of running advertisements in the Chat window and through advertisement messages
  • Access to chat restriction by group (if needed)
  • Conversation throttles in order to avoid server overload
  • Sound notifications
  • You can allow just friends to interact with you
  • and many more ....

How to use this Demo site

- Click on any user button on the left so you can see how registered users can use Chat Factory. If the chat is disabled (some other user might have disabled it for the demo user) just enable it using the module on the top.

- If you want to check the administrative settings of our extension - just click on the top menu link "Administrator Backend" and you can inspect the admin settings. Some admin functions are disabled (due to security reasons), but all admin settings are visible.

- You can test-chat by opening two different browsers (for instance IE and FF), login as different users and send messages. There will be a small delay - not due to the slowness of this extension, but due to the refresh rate of the Ajax calls. The delay can be managed in the extension setting in order to have the strain on the server managed.


Login on frontend as
Login on backend as